The 9 Best Restaurants in Phuket

Phuket or PEARL OF ANDAMAN is an island province in the south of Thailand besides the Andaman Sea. While many people think of Phuket for its world’s beautiful beaches and relaxing resorts, but for me, you would not believe it if I say the food and restaurants are incredible. In Phuket, you’ll find a variety of amazing southern Thai food, Malaysian food, Chinese food, and even Japanese food. The island is also blessed with an abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables and super fresh seafood Phuket’s dining scene is also the one that could steal your heart with the breathtaking view. If you love food, you’ll certainly love this island. The variety of cuisine and dining experiences is one of the major attractions of the island. I reckon this is too much to exaggerate. Let’s just check out these great restaurants around Phuket for an exciting culinary adventure. Let’s get started from the first one with the extraordinary local restaurant.

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant

The list of local restaurants in Phuket keeps growing, and it is truly amazing how great local food can be here. This is one of the most popular restaurants in Phuket. The antique governor’s house is an elegantly restored specimen of Sino-Portuguese architecture. Known as the Phra Pitak Chinpracha, this building lies in the historic Centre of Phuket Town.

Blue Elephant – Thai food
Location : 96 Krabi road, Tambon Talad Neua, Muang District, Phuket
Phone : 076 354 355
Estimate Prices : Prices are a bit high ≈ 1000 – 3000 baht per person
Facebook : Blue Elephant Phuket



Another Thai local restaurant with the Sino-Portuguese house, that’s beautifully preserved and decorated. There are a variety of different Thai dishes on the menu.

 You cannot go to Raya Restaurant Phuket without ordering these dishes everything is incredibly. I would say that Raya Restaurant is also worth to visit when you’re in Phuket.

Location : 48 Dibuk Road, Phuket Town, Phuket
Phone : 076-218155
Estimate Prices : 400-600 baht per person
Facebook : ระย้า Raya Restaurant

Thong Dee – The Town Bistro

The fine choice of European Classics, Thai Cuisine & House Specialties with something to suit every occasion and pocket

Thong Dee – The Town Bistro

This place is also has a good reputation for its great service and friendly staff, they always ready to help you whenever you need them. The price of food is average for the quality you receive. There is a peaceful environment and divine décor at this spot. The international dishes are made of genuine home cooking recipes with that extra care that only a loving mother can give.

Day Aged Australian Grass Feed Beef – Cooked to Your Liking

Dry aging a steak makes it more tender and flavorful. First, naturally present enzymes in the meat break down some of the collagen, which holds muscle fibers together and causes steaks to toughen while cooking. With collagen out of the way, the result is much more tender.

Tuna Caesar Salad

Served on a dish with Roman Lettuce Leaves, Aged Parmesan Shavings, Chefs Caesar Dressing, Crispy Bacon & Herb Croutons with Seared Yellow Fin Tuna Fillet

Location : Soi Bangthong 110/25 Kathu, Phuket 83110Thailand
Phone : 076 319 323
Estimate Prices: 300-700 baht per person
Facebook : Thong Dee – Phuket

Surf & Turf By Soul Kitchen

Surf & Turf By Soul Kitchen

Surf and Turf restaurant by Soul kitchen is a stylish restaurant which is providing comfortable dining, surroundings by street of Phuket old town. European-Contemporary cuisine is our core – created by German heritage young chef, complement with cool music and ambiance in the heart of Phuket Town.

Surf & Turf by Soul Kitchen is very popular, especially since the restaurant received a Bib Gourmand from the Michelin Guide, so reservation is not only recommended but it is a must. One thing you should know that the restaurant only accepts cash payments.

Location : 115 Phang-nga Road, Phuket-town 83000 Phuket
Phone : 097-217-7434
Estimate Prices : 200-700 baht per person
Facebook : Surf & Turf by Soul Kitchen

We can say that Phuket also has cultural assimilation which is we can see through the architectural decoration, people, food. Chinese food is also one of the Chinese cooking is an important part of Chinese Culture, also known as Chinese food culture. It has a far-reaching impact on the East Asian Region. The recipes come from various regions and ethnic dishes. Thus these are the Chinese restaurants that you should never miss.

Hong Bao Ramada Phuket

Hong Bao Ramada Phuket

Hong Bao one of the most well-known Chinese restaurant brands from Bangkok has opened its first Phuket branch at Ramada Plaza Chao Fah Hotel. We are the first restaurant in Phuket offering the original taste of Cantonese cuisine, in a contemporary Chinese style 5- star city hotel. Acclaimed as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Phuket, we offer authentic Cantonese cuisine and daily-made handcrafted Dim Sum from premium-grade fresh ingredients, in an elegant atmosphere.

they proudly present you more than 200 menus of daily hand-crafted Dim Sum and Wok-fried dishes, using only the finest quality ingredients, and cooked by their experienced chefs from Macao and Canton, to ensure that you always get the most authentic and extraordinary dining experience.

Location : 88/99 Moo 2 Chao Fah West Road. Wichit PhuKet 83000
Phone : 076338666
Estimate Prices : 400-1000 baht per person
Facebook : Hong Bao Ramada Phuket

Hong Kong Restaurant Phuket

Located right in the middle of Phuket Town on Ratsada Road, just fifty meters away from the Fountain Traffic Circle. It is one of the best eateries to go for a meal if you are looking for a genuine Cantonese and Chinese experience while having a holiday on the island.

This well-established restaurant specializes in seafood. It maintains very well-cared-for fish tanks and offers a very diverse mixture of fresh fish and shellfish including live crabs, tiger prawns, lobsters, clams, stonefish, and crayfish. Hong Kong Restaurant Phuket is a very well-run establishment in a tidy environment with attentive and kind staff that serves high-quality food with a small choice of wines and spirits.

Location : Ratsada Street, Phuket, Thailand, 83000
Phone : 076 256 613
Estimate Prices : 1000-1500 baht per person
Facebook : Hongkong Restaurant Phuket – ร้านฮ่องกงภูเก็ต

Japanese food is also the one that you would find everywhere. Even in Phuket, Japanese is a very popular cuisine amongst Thais. There are plenty of Japanese restaurants in Phuket. Many of these are national chains that can be found in shopping malls, with some specializing in ramen noodles, shabu, or sushi. But here are my favorites that whenever I go to Phuket I never forget to go.


A nice choice for those fancy Japanese Foods with an affordable price, outside Phuket Town, is the small, family-run Kyodai Japanese Restaurant. Driving from Lotus intersection along the By-Pass Road, passing Tour East and Keehin Electric Phuket then make a U-turn, it is beginning to form 7-eleven corner about 500 meters. The recommended menu that guests should try would be a traditional style of Japanese food such as Sushi, Tempura, Salmon Maki, and Teriyaki Chicken. There is table sets outdoor seating area for small groups and the restaurant close every Wednesday.

Location : 128 Ratsada Street, Phuket, Thailand, 83000
Phone : 081-618-6409, 076-688-780
Estimate Prices :  300-500 baht per person
Facebook : ร้านอาหารญี่ปุ่นเคียวได-ภูเก็ต

Kiko Japanese Restaurant at Diamond Cliff Resort

Kiko is the Japanese restaurant which is a part of the Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa, located in North Patong. The Kiko Japanese Restaurant has special technique experienced, talented, skillful Chefs that create amazing Japanese dishes using fresh, quality ingredients, more than half of them are imported from Japan. The menu has a host of sashimi, sushi, maki rice, and grilled, braised, fried fish items listed.

Kiko Japanese Restaurant at Diamond Cliff Resort

The restaurant has a Japanese decor theme and an open kitchen. If you are looking for a fine Japanese food restaurant near Phuket Town, Kiko Japanese Restaurant at Diamond Cliff Resort could be your right choice. A variety of fresh and premium quality ingredients such as fishes, sea urchin, squid, rainbow runner, salmon and many more are from both of Thailand and Japan. Enjoy the tasty and good quality sushi within a very relaxing environment.

As one of the first Japanese restaurants to open in Phuket, Kiko continues to satisfy guests with the talents of an experienced chef. Together with fresh ingredients imported from Japan. Kiko delivers an authentic dining experience.

Location : 284 Prabaramee Road, Patong Phuket, Phuket 83150
Phone : 076 380 050
Estimate Prices : 499+ baht per person
Facebook : Kiko Japanese Restaurant

Have you guys ever heard the word “a meal without sweets is the meal of cads” before? I always have the last course of a meal with dessert. And here are the lists of the café which worth for using the word “memorable”

Three monkeys Restaurant

Three Monkeys is among Phuket’s most exotic restaurants and bars, seamlessly blending with its natural surroundings within the island’s top outdoor attraction, Hanuman World. Set amongst the backdrop of lush jungle greenery and stunning views across. It’s just like a hidden gem in the jungle their food is super nice but the dessert is even more

Location : Three monkeys building Mueang Phuket District, Chang Wat Phuket 83000
Phone : 098 010 8838
Estimate Prices : 200-500 baht per person

If you are done with the main course, let try some more desserts in this beautiful café.

Kruayaiduang Phuket

Kruayaiduang Phuket

Another precise Thai deesert café. Thailand definitely has a sweet tooth with a lot of sweet desserts. Thai desserts are an integral part of Thai cuisine. While most travelers are familiar with savory dishes like Mango Sticky Rice, only a few of them know other Thai traditional desserts. Most Thai desserts are sweet and sometimes filling snacks as opposed to a light and airy Western-style dessert. They are characterized by egg, syrups, coconut cream, tropical fruits, and sweeten sticky rice.

Can you believe it?

In this picture there are all the auspicious Thai dessert.

Med Kanun (Mung Bean Yolk)

Mung bean make of egg yolk and sugar formed in an oval shape.

The trinity of Thai desserts (Tong Yip, Tong Yord and Foi Tong)

Tong Yip (Flower Egg Yolk Tart)

Make of Egg yolk, sugar, and flower water boiled in sugar syrup and formed into a flower shape.

Tong Yord (Round Egg Yolk Tart)

Make of Egg yolk, sugar, and flower water are boiled in sugar syrup and formed into round balls.

Foi Tong or Golden Threads (Shredded Egg Yolk Tart)

It’s the same ingredients used in the above two Thai desserts which are egg yolks and sugar are boiled in syrup and then formed into a shape just like golden hair.

Dara thong

Traditional Thai egg-based dessert. This sweet treat is typically made of the combining flour, sugar, egg yolks, and jasmine-flavored water. The resulting mixture is molded into a crown shape, adorned with roasted and sugar-coated watermelon seeds, and finished by making it more valuable with the edible gold on top.

Location : 88 Thep Krasatti, Thalang District, Phuket 83110
Phone : 087-388-2220
Estimate Prices : Begin from 50-300 baht per person
Facebook : ครัวยายด้วง ภูเก็ต

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