Phuket Sandbox 2021: Enjoy Active Life

As one of the famous tourist cities in the world, Phuket, with support from the Thai government, isn’t missing opportunity to gain its reputation and tourists from all over the world, encouraging the economic activities in Thailand in spite of the Covid pandemic. Recently, Thailand’s just launched a wise, well-organized project, Phuket Sandbox, which has started at this July, 1st. For those who are seeking for a good vibe in Thailand, you may check out more about this fantastic scheme at our Facebook Page.

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Phuket Sandbox 2021: Enjoy Active Life

To get prepared for entering the paradise island, it may seem complicated as there are a lot of paper works you are required. However, once you get there, your attempts could be worth a thousand times of joy you’ll be offered. There are various kinds of activities you can attend and make your day on Phuket Island, including scuba diving, surfing, parachuting, climbing, and etc. What are you waiting for? Let’s get straight right to we’re offering you here! 

Scuba Diving

If anyone would like to relax in Phuket and find various activities that definitely cannot be missed, why don’t you go for diving? There are 2 types of diving, snorkeling and scuba diving. If you would like to do snorkeling, you can buy a tour as a one day trip. Or if you want to scuba diving, we recommend booking a tour and researching it first. To beginners who yearn for trying scuba diving, we also provide basic information including how to prepare yourselves, necessary equipment, recommended sites, and dangers that may cause you death on our website.

Scuba Diving


Surfing is also a popular activity. The main surf spot is Kata Beach which is about 17 kilometers away from Phuket town, divided into 2 main beaches, Kata Yai Beach and Kata Noi Beach with the nature of the waves and the beach. It’s a great place for surfing. In addition to those two recommended beaches, there are Kamala Beach, Patong Beach, Bang Tao Beach and Nai Beach. Normally the surfing season is May to October. (After October, there may be occasional off-season waves). The spots where you can surf in the winter season are available from November to February, such as Hua Hin, Prachuap, and Songkhla.


Kata Beach

Kata Beach

Kata Beach boasts its reputation for surfing due to its facilities and sea features. The beach is 1.5 kilometers long with smooth, golden sand, especially in summer. The sea, not to mention the crystal-clear turquoise color, offers opportunity to beginners to practice their skills with little, good-size waves. Here we gather some good tuition centers for those who’d like to start surfing. 


📌⁠ At the end of Kata beach, south side

🌐⁠  📞⁠ +66935822987

⁠💚⁠ Line ID : Phuketsurf 💙⁠ WhatsApp:+66935822987

2. PSSC SURF PHUKET  Instructors are also trained by ISA (International Surfing Association)

🔵⁠ FB: @PSSCsurfphuket 📞⁠ 081 677 4320

3. Saretar Surfergirl

📞⁠ 061-250-5276

4. Surf Begin at Phuket

Location: In the middle of Kata beach, behind Club Mediterranee

🔵 FB: @PhuketSurfBegin 📞 095 509 2528

RENTAL PRICES Surfboard + Leg rope / Leash

Kamala Beach

With the tranquil atmosphere and clear, calm water, Kamala beach has become a famous destination for retirees and families. It’s located only 9.5 kilometers north from Patong Beach in Phuket. The water is suitable for surfing in May and October, with swells of wind up to 3 meters. There are few surfing centers at this beach as well. Please check the details below. 

  1. Phuket Water Sports Club by Kamala go Surfing 

📌⁠ On the right side, in front of the Intercontinental Hotel. Kamala Beach is a beach with few people, a good atmosphere, suitable for studying and surfing.

🔵 FB: @watersportsclubphuket 📞⁠ 091 698 0145

For those who are staying at Intercontinental Hotel and Novotel, you can walk out and study in front of the beach with this place.

2. Kamala Surfboard 

📌⁠ Kamala Beach on the left, in front of the police station.

🔵 FB: @kamalasurfboard 📞⁠ 090 706 9983

Surf House Phuket

Surf House Phuket

But if anyone wants to surf with unstop waves, you may check out the Surf House Phuket. A fun activity for both spectators and players alike would be unmissable here. The Surf House is located at the corner of Kata Beach. It’s a shop that teaches how to surf through artificial waves. There’s also a staff to teach beginners how to surf easily with the waves that the Surf House provides for players. Let me tell you that the waves are always satisfying. And that’s not all. The shop also has drinks and food to serve as well. Guarantee that you will not be lonely for both the players and those who are waiting for sure

  • 1000 Baht per hour
  • Open 09.30-00.00
  • 📌⁠ 4 Pangbang Road, Kata beach Kalon
  • 📞⁠ 081 979 7737


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If you don’t go here, it’s considered that you haven’t arrived in Phuket. It’s “Patong Beach”, one of the famous beaches in Phuket. Here it gathers fun activities that can kill your leisure time including swimming in the sea, sunbathing or taking pictures. We challenge you to try parachuting, a sky diving-like activity. Rather, parachute is where you attach a parachute to you and use a speedboat to take you into the sky with views across the beach. And don’t be afraid that it’s not safe because there is a caretaker with you as well during hovering in the sky. This is an activity for people who are not afraid of heights because it is definitely worth the 360-degree view. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity by just contacting the service provider in advance to book your queue. 

  • Starting  1,500 Baht
  • Open everyday
  • 📌⁠ Patong Beach, 61/3 Moo. 6 Vichitsongkram Road, Kratoo, Phuket
  • 📞⁠ 089-289-1703 and 076-321-351

Climbing at Extreme Adventures Phuket

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Climbing at Extreme Adventures Phuket

Practice your climbing skills safely with the best safety equipment provided by Extreme Adventures Phuket for anyone who has a passion for exciting and challenging climbing activities such as climbing and zip lining, walking on wooden boards and ropes/nets with various stations. It’s a cool activity that can be done by the whole family until they forget about the time. 

  • Daily open 10.00 – 18.00 PM.
  • 📌⁠ 57/17 Moo 6 Chalong, Phuket
  • 📞⁠ 076-383-689 and 081-536-8909

Cable Skiing

Cable Skiing

Both get wet and unleash your courage and challenge with cable skiing. A board-skiing water sport with a cable machine is a challenge where you can swing your body in the direction you want to hit the waves. Phuket Water Park is a safe and standard place. Prices start at 750 baht for one hour and will be reduced further for two hours or more of the services. The price includes safety gear and ski equipment, and professional boards are also available for rent.

  • Open hour: 9 a.m., closed at night 
  • Start at 750THB
  • 📌⁠ Kratu District, Phuket 
  • 📞⁠ 084 321 4525 

Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)

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Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)

Thai boxing or Muay Thai is one of the activities in Phuket that you should mark in the to-do list. You can both watch exciting, relentless Muay Thai fights at many stadiums and also practice Thai boxing at gyms. The fights in TV may seem riveting enough, but live spectator at the stadium provides you more with cheering sounds, blending with clarinets and drums. Recommended stadiums include The Local Muay Thai Scene, Patong Boxing Stadium, and Bangla Boxing Stadium. If you’re looking for the best places to begin Thai boxing as foreigners, we also offer you your destinations below. 

Tiger Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts

Tiger Muay Thai

The reputation accumulated over 15 years has made Tiger Muay Thai one of the best known Muay Thai schools coupled with professionalism in the management of executives with experience in Muay Thai boxing and teaching martial arts in the United States for 25 years which has developed Tiger Muay Thai into a standardized Thai boxing institute. There are courses to teach Muay Thai from the basic to the most advanced which allows you to go out and be a professional boxer. There are also other martial arts such as international boxing, ancient boxing, krabi krabong, MMA or mixed martial art.  In addition, there’s fitness, yoga, weight training services for health lovers. Tiger Muay Thai has 50 Muay Thai teachers, each selected based on their experience as a professional boxer through the arena with championship belts, in order to convey Thai boxing accurately according to the tradition. 

The atmosphere here is full of foreigners of various nationalities concentrating on training, kicks and punches with determination. Many people book Thai boxing classes from abroad before traveling to Phuket for weeks. Some people are fascinated by this martial art and book to stay for a month for learning Thai boxing and for traveling in Phuket. Here, we can call a camp because you can stay for a month with the accommodation, food and instructors who can take care of you. Another highlight is the location which is spacious, modern looking, with an open-air gym with good atmosphere which divides the area into clear proportions. For safety, there’s a first aid unit. Personnel have knowledge of CPR and there’s a rescue team not far away from the camp. When applying for a course, students must fill out a health history. If there’s a congenital disease, a certificate from a doctor is required for the instructor to take proper care. Coming here will make it clear how much the Thai art of Mae Mai Muay Thai has been attracted by foreigners because Muay Thai is not just a fight, but it’s a sport that gives a lot such as exercising, practicing discipline, practicing meditation. That’s why people around the world want to experience and learn by themselves. For the price, there are various rates according to your goal and course. If you’d like to box now, feel free to contact the Tiger Muay Thai for a ticket! 

Sapanhin Muay Thai Gym

Sapanhin Muay Thai Gym

Kru Ya or Mr. Allied Buenaedama, nicknamed Thanu Ngern Erawan, opened Saphan Hin Gym to teach Muay Thai with love. His intention is to get youths to learn more about Muay Thai, and hope to spread the art of Mae Mai Muay Thai, which is both a martial art and exercise across Thailand and the world. Kru Ya, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in physical education from Srinakharinwirot University, uses his experience as a boxer and knowledge to develop teaching from Wai Kru, issuing weapons, fists, feet, knees, elbows, punching the air, kicking the target, kicking the sack, teaching various boxing moves, gradually developed step by step. For those who are interested in boxing, there is no need for basic knowledge. If you have a physical problem, you have to inform them first. Most of the students are children, teenagers, working-age and girls are more interested in.


May be an image of 1 person, outdoors and text that says "M”VE V to Thailand TRAVEL Yoga"

Now take some break from extreme, adventurous activities to a very calm, focusing time. It’s yoga that’ll take you to a new aspect of vacation. If you’re continuously feeling fatigued, having migraines, ski issues, craving for sugar or caffeine, and feeling emotionally unstable, yoga could be your best medicine. In Phuket, even in Phuket Sandbox, there are many yoga centers where classes are provide for those who are seeking internal peace. 

Santosa Detox & Wellness Center Phuket 

You may visit Santosa Detox & Wellness Center Phuket as the first best places for yoga due to its various classes including yoga, fasting, detoxing, vegan diet, and emotional healing. You may check more about this wellness center here.

📌 3 Soi Plak Che 2, Patak Road, Karon, Amphoe Muang, Phuket, 83130

📞⁠ 076 330 600


Kata Hot Yoga 

Whether you’re looking for a yoga retreat or an active weight-loss program, or perhaps a combination of them, you should try Kata Hot Yoga. Kota Hot Yoga is a professional yoga studio in Phuket designed in only 90 minutes, which will make you burn a lot of calories.  

Imagine that you are doing yoga in the sauna, Hot Yoga is alike. Not only it will relieve your stress but also help with blood circulation, detoxification, flexibility, and strength.   

The name of Kata Hot Yoga has its own meaning. From the ancient tradition, the word “Ha” means sun and “Tha” means Moon plus the word “Yoga” which is union. Thus this yoga will balance your yin and yang, helping you improve both physical and emotional health. 

📌 217 Khoktanod Road Kata Beach Ban Kata, Phuket, Thailand 83100

📞⁠ 076 605 950


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