Astonishing Thai Beaches That You Shouldn’t Miss

After facing the great downturns due to the Covid pandemic, Thailand’s been trying to recover the nation initially and consecutively, especially to encourage economic activities. Recently, it’s been confirmed to launch a new project called Phuket Sandbox, where the tourists who already have two doses vaccinated and negative results of the Covid test can fly directly to Phuket with a quarantine-free experience like old times. Eating, having fun at night bars, and chilling at gorgeous Thai beaches are what they would experience in Phuket and near areas such as Koh Samui and Phang Nga. The plan to re-open the country is anticipated and watched by people all around the world. That’s the reason why we’re here to gather useful information about Thai beaches so that you can prepare for the most impressive times moving and traveling to Thailand. 

Said to have many astonishing beaches because of superior geographical features causing a long stretch of shoreline, Thailand’s one of those countries people wish to let their hair down and spend wonderful time at the beach. But why have Thai beaches become so popular among tourists? Here’s the list of underlying facts about them. 

Unique geographical features

One of the facts why Thai beaches are stunning is their unique geographical features such as scrupulous white sand, crystal-clear, turquoise sea water, and small, refreshing breezes touching your skin as if the sea is embracing you.

Fantastic parties at the beach

Surely entertainment can amuse and create an impressive trip to the travelers who like to dance, sing, and drink. Nightlife at many Thai beaches could become the best night you’ve ever experienced. For example, the best well-known beach party among people all around the world in Thailand is the full moon party at Koh Pha Ngan, Krabi. Even though it’s only a small, peaceful island, there are a lot of fun activities at night for night owls. 

Photogenic icon of Thai beaches

As Thailand’s claimed to be the land of gorgeous beaches, you shouldn’t miss a photogenic photo with breathtaking scenery at the beach. Koh Phi Phi in Phuket on the Andaman Sea possesses many views that could make you the luckiest person in the world. Why don’t you take a good camera with you to the beach? 

Healthy marine environment 

Photo: Dejbordin Limsupanark

If you love scuba diving, Thai beaches are a must you need to visit as the sea is said to be one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in biology in the world. Reefs, colorful corals, and beautiful marine living things could be found in Thai oceans. Prepare your equipment or you can rent it at the scuba diving agency and get ready to experience the marine world in Thailand. 

At this point, we bet many of you might be preparing and packing to move and travel to Thailand because of those amazing features mentioned above. But have you ever been to the beach and found that your day is ruined by the bad weather? The reason for this is that each part in Thailand has different “best seasons” for going to the beach. 

According to the data chart, Thai coastlines are divided into 4 parts: West Sea, East Sea, Andaman Sea, and the Gulf of Thailand. Which of each has its own uniqueness to be pleased and absorbed. Which part are you planning to chill out and spend your leisure time with? Let’s just see when it is best to enjoy Thai beaches. 

West Sea

The West Sea includes waters mainly in Prachaub Kirikhan and Phetchaburi such as Cha Am beach and Hua Hin beach, where it’s a high season from December to April, when waves, features of sea, and beauty of the beaches best stand out. However, in the rainy season from June to October, it’s recommended that you avoid traveling to the Thai beaches in the West Sea since the beaches are dirty with heavy rains, and waves are dangerous.  

HuaHin, Thailand – April 2018: Panorama view of HuaHin beach with resorts and condominium on April 2017. This place is the favorite beach for vacation and holiday in Thailand.

East sea

Like the West Sea, the east Thai beaches welcome you best from December to March. The East Sea includes the beaches in Trad, Chantaburi, and Rayong, where you can step your bare foot on white fine sand and inhale fresh air to refresh your lungs. On the contrary, the rainy season seems to be your great rival for going to the East beaches as there’s monsoon during this period. 

Photo: Dejbordin Limsupanark

Andaman Sea

Because of residing on the same side of the west and the east, the high season for going to Andaman Sea such as Koh Phi Phi, Railay Beach, and Similan Islands, is in December to March. It’s not recommended to enjoy those beaches in the rainy season due to the possible monsoon. Moreover, the Andaman Sea is claimed to have the most gorgeous beaches in the world. 

Gulf of Thailand 

On the other hand, the Gulf of Thailand, which is located on the opposite side and includes Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, is most beautiful in summer and the rainy season from April to October. Summer gadgets should be prepared such as sunscreen, glasses, and an umbrella. In winter, you can visit the other three parts instead of as there’s a monsoon in the Gulf. 

As there are more than 8,000 islands in Thailand to chill at, some might ask where to go for the best holidays you’ve ever had. To be honest, there are a variety of beaches which provide you super precious views

Railay Beach, Krabi

Ranking in the number-one beach in the Gulf of Thailand that city dwellers must visit once in their lives, the Railay beach, located in Krabi and cut-off the mainland with no buses and cars accessible, claims itself to be the paradise waiting for people to seize the magnificent day. With just a longtail boat, you will finally step your bare feet on a white, peaceful fine-sand beach breathing in carefree and fresh air and wandering around to find the best spot for sitting back at your most pleasurable ease. Despite being a place for relaxing, actually there are various activities you can pursue at the beach such as hiking, kayaking, cliff climbing, and more. Let’s just find out what is recommended to do at the beach! 

Take a boat tour around 4 islands. 

With a few islands surrounding this Thai beach, the Railay is quite famous for a boat tour of the islands nearby. You can visit those wonderful places by the arranged boat tour or renting a longtail boat, and each stop will allow you a handful of ventures to do such as snorkelling, swimming, and even diving. The suggestive stops during the tour include Chicken Island, Tub Island, Koh Mawr, Poda Island, and Phra Nang Beach. Time available for taking a trip is the period from 10.00 am to 01.00 pm. 

Go rock climbing.

Out of all the beaches in Thailand, Railay boasts itself the best destination for rock climbing among the adventurers who love dangerous and thrilling ventures. Here at the beach, there are many challenging cliffs to try climbing on for experienced junkies, as well as some cliffs for beginners to have their first time. Packages for rock climbing are various depending on how many days you’d like to venture. 

Hike to the top for worthy views and lagoon.

Have you ever gone hiking before? At Railay, hikes are short yet strenuous as the path never lets it be easy for you. However, once you get there, it’s such a reward that’s worth putting effort into as you will be provided a spectacular view of the isthmic area below which you’ve never imagined! If you walk deeper, a hidden lagoon is waiting for you to visit, yet it is suggested that you need some local citizens who know the way. 

Now you might be planning your great, wonderful vacations at the Railay Beach, and that means you will need to be looking for luxury yet satisfactory hotels to stay. Here gathers the most recommended residences in this Thai beach you will find all you need. 

Rayavadee (5-Star)

Photo: Rayavadee

Settled in the midst of a landscaped coconut garden, Rayavadee could be your most terrific lodging, where you will find amusement with tropical trees and flowers. The price starts from 13,000 THB per night with pleasurable offers! Are you ready for your lavish stay yet?

Railay Village Resort (4-Star)

Photo: Railay Village Resort

Secondary to Rayavadee, the villa resort located in the west of Railay, Railay Village Resort, offers you such comfortable facilities and excitements such as snorkelling, exploring caves and mountains, and boat trips visiting offshore islands including Koh Phi Phi. Incredibly, the price begins only from 7,000THB per night with a fantastic room! As for couples, it’s best recommended you choose this lovely residence for your romantic time.

Railay Princess Resort & Spa (4-Star)

Photo: Railay Princess Resort & Spa

Coming hot in the east, Railay Princess Resort & Spa boasts the number-one to have your stay at since it’s only 5-minute walk to the Phranang cave beach. With Thai-style furnishings and fully set-up rooms, the resort can fill your holidays up relaxingly. In addition, it offers Thai massage and spa by experts, and the price starts from only 7,000THB per night! Save your money, pack your stuff, and get ready to go. 

Andaman Sea

Koh Tachai, Similan Islands – Phuket

On the opposite side of the Gulf of Thailand, in the Andaman Sea, which people have said to possess the most crystal-clear sea water, Thai beaches vary with their exclusive features. Yet, we recommend Koh Tachai, situated  at the tip of the Similan National Park, be the one you must visit. At Koh Tachai, the sands are smoothly white and perfectly fine, and the water is featured with turquoise elements which make the sea look gorgeous and photogenic. Apart from chilling and relaxing at the 800-meter-long beach, there are also some exciting and famous activities to do including snorkelling, scuba diving, and hiking along the white beach. Let’s figure it out as follows!

Tranquil snorkeling 

For snorkeling lovers, here could be your paradise as you can spend the whole day snorkeling in the shallow waters. Furthermore, at the beach, it offers snorkeling day trips from the early morning at 7 am to 4 pm in the evening, with two different healthy spots. Check up your equipment and travel to Koh Tachai at once you have a chance! 

Safe scuba diving 

Looking to explore the underwater world? At Koh Tachai, scuba diving is also available and worth doing as there are a lot of good spots to scuba dive. Under the water, you will find a variety of marine creatures such as blue-dash, cube boxfish, giant batfish, trumpetfish, giant pufferfish, oceanic triggerfish, yellow-backed fusiliers, red-tooth triggerfish, big eye trevally, unicornfish, manta rays, whale sharks, leopard sharks, huge banks of swirling chevron barracuda and large numbers of tuna. If you’re new to this activity, we already provide you useful information about scuba diving in related articles. If you’re looking for an enjoyable place for your stay at Koh Tachai, you might need to consider what we’re going to present to you. Indeed, there’s no hotel directly settled on the island, but recommended hotels are on Khao Lak, which is not far from Koh Tachai. 

The Sands (5-star)

Photo: The Sand

With its luxury features and the best location situated, The Sands has become the first one to be recommended for residences near Koh Tachai. You can have your pleasure at this hotel with only 8,000THB per night for the start. 

The Leaf on the Sands (4-Star)

Photo: The Leaf on the Sand

Why should people be nature lovers? Try visiting this hotel on Khao Lak, The Leaf on the Sands, where you will absorb all the natural elements such as beach, sea, tropical trees, and flowers, and freshening air, and you will know the reason. Both your mental and physical health can be healed at this wonderful place. Check availability before booking and get ready to go! 

Beyond Resort Khao Lak (4-Star)

Photo: Beyond Resort Khao Lak

Last but not least, Beyond Resort Khao Lak comes for those who are lovers seeking for peaceful, romantic vacations. Your stay could be filled with love since the hotel offers you special lover’s packages, where you can spend your private time together and sweeten your love!  

West Sea

Hua Hin Beach – Prachuabkirikhan

To the west, even though there aren’t a lot of Thai beaches to let your hair down at due to not connecting to the sea, Hua Hin Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Thailand among foreign travelers, known as a “sleepy town”. With a 4-kilometer stretch of the shore, Hua Hin Beach is preferable for quiet and tranquil stopover due to being only 2-hour far from the capital of Thailand by car. Despite not being the largest and whitest Thai beach, Hua Hin beach is a suitable and good water for swimming. In addition, you can visit stops around Hua Hin city such as Cicada Night Market, and the Maruekhathaiyawan Palace. If you like to travel to the west sea, accommodations aren’t lower than those in the south according to their quality, comfortability, and standard of services. 

Intercontinental Hua Hin Resort (5-Star)

Photo: Intercontinental Hua Hin Resort

Mentioning luxury and high standard of services, Intercontinental Hua Hin Resort, situated beside the beach with the precious view and beachy atmosphere, is highly recommended for your glorious stay in Hua Hin. The price is reasonable starting at 3,000THB per night for a very comfortable room. Check availability and be ready for a ticket! 

Anantasila Villa by the Sea, Hua Hin (5-Star)

Photo: Anantasila Villa by the Sea, Hua Hin

Most recommended by the wanderers, Anantasila Villa by the Sea, Hua Hin has popped out in the south of Hua Hin beach with its worth-spending view of the long, lively beach and luxury services. Breakfast and the dining room are most boasted among the guests. Prices vary from 4,500THB per person per night for a pool villa. Check the availability before packing. 

Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa (5-Star)

Photo: Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa

Looking for the best summer at the beach? Then, Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa can’t be dismissed because of its high standard of hospitality and quite a backdrop of Hua Hin beach. Rooms and common facilities aren’t exaggerating as they claim their hygiene and comfort. Prices start from on;y 3,000THB per night. Don’t let your summer go by without worth spending at Merriott. 

East Sea

Koh Kood – Trat

To the east of Thai beaches, Koh Kood, situated in the southern most of Koh Chang islands, stands the fourth largest beach in Thailand with its features of tranquility, tropical-heaven forests, and diving sites. If you’re those who yearn for a few quiet days for repostition, let Koh Kood be your priority of choices, and if the boredom of chilling at the beach keeps lingering you, there are also a lot to do at this Thai beach including snorkeling, fishing and kayaking, and swimming at the waterfall, which is hidden inside this paradise island. Let us be your guide to show what is recommended to experience at Koh Kood. 

 Snorkeling at Koh Kood

Fans of snorkeling should never miss this activity at Koh Kood, especially at Bangbao beach, as it offers crystal-clear water and suitable features for swimming and shallow diving. There are many sites that are full of natural elements for snorkeling, and you’ll take a speedboat to each place. You can enjoy your half or whole day spending in the water with companies that provide snorkeling packages. 

Fishing and kayaking for more adventurous trips 

If your pleasure clings to something adventurous, you can kayak at Koh Kood and find out that it’s a surprising, magical heaven on this island because the kayak will take you to the coastlines and canals which are different ways to enter Koh Kood. Fishing tours are organized in the snorkeling trip with the whole-day-and-night hour. You could ask for this offer at the company and pay additional fees for your pleasure. 

Waterfall paradise tour 

There are three main waterfalls hidden in Koh Kood, which are Klong Chao Waterfall, Klong Yai Kee Waterfall, and Huang Nam Keaw Waterfall. These waters are good for swimming and exploring the natural world. There are also guesthouses near these waterfalls for adventurers to lay down and absorb nature’s elements. They can be accessed by foot and are not difficult to find. 

No place is better for your relaxing holidays than Koh Kood as the accommodations here could never be missed since they vary according to features and offers provided to the guests. However, we might recommend the following hotels for our special readers. Let’s check it out! 

Soneva Kiri (5-Star)

Photo: Senova Kiri

With highly luxury features you might not ever experience, ler Senova Kiri be your first impression. At this hotel, you’ll be given the best and most convenient facilities with standardized hospitality from the staff. Rooms and views can never be beaten by others. Food and the diner could get beyond your expectations. Prices start from 20,000THB per night. Enjoy your campaign stay this summer! 

Koh Kood Paradise Beach (4-Star)

Photo: Koh Kood Paradise Beach

This Thai-style hotel situated near the beach called Koh Kood Paradise Beach is one of the recommended accomodations with with 40 rooms in modern Thai-style furnishing and 29 sea view villas. If you’re in love with Thai customs, this hotel could be your first option for your chilling stay. Prices start from only 2,800THB per night.Check the availability before packing. 

Cham’s House (5-Star)

Photo: Cham’s House

Never underestimate the untouched Koh Kood as it features a lot of most reviewed residences, and Cham’s House stands in the rank. As for those who are natural preservatives, this hotel matches your requirements with its eco-friendly designs and wellness but still retaining the taste of luxury. Prices start from 4,000THB per night. What are you waiting for? Go get booking! 

What to Be Careful When Visiting the Thai Beach

Many people love going to the beach, and you may be one of them. However, instead of fully enjoying their precious time, some can suffer from dangers or health conditions gained from the beach. The following lists what the tourists usually experience when having fun at Thai beaches. 

Seasickness and dizziness 

For some people, it’s unfortunate that they were born with car sickness or sea sickness due to the imbalance of the body’s motion and malfunction of equilibrium to motions. This kind of sickness can ruin their days and kill their enjoyment. The best way to prevent this is to avoid swimming or staying alone at the beach, trying to stick accompanies. 

Being exposed to poisons by hazardous marine living things 

Of course, in the sea live many marine creatures. Some of them are friendly to humans, but some, in contrast, can cause minor to severe dangers to people who get contact with them. The most well-known poisonous creature that is usually avoided is jellyfish, which contain a poison that attacks directly to the brain of those who touch it or cause some blisters on the affected area. If you are attacked by a jellyfish, try to wash the fresh wound by sea water or vinegar. 

Sun stroke 

Never underestimate the power of the sun since many people get heat stroke while wandering along the beach and letting the sea breeze flow through the skin. This can happen when their body’s temperature responses to the external heat are malfunctional and insufficient, causing the person to feel exhausted or even faint. To prevent heat stroke, you might need to drink an adequate amount of water, 2 glasses a day, and avoid playing and swimming in the very hot sunlight. 

Thai beaches boast their gorgeousness and fruitful features, which attract millions of foreign travelers from all over the world a year. However, safe trips take cautiousness and awareness. If you’re looking for coverage that can take care of you during the trip, we recommend personal accident insurance to you. In addition, the following companies are highly suggested due to its English-speaking staff and 24-7 services: AXA and Pacific Cross. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help, and let us be your great assistance for moving and traveling to Thailand. (Personal accident insurance)

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