5 Steps to Get in Thailand

5steps to get in thailand

        Thailand’s airspace is beckoning global flights nowadays, and many more commercial airlines appear to fly at ease. By allowing foreigners to visit recently, though with some regulations, Thai government made the crisis seem to resume normal situations. Foreigners around the world can now return to Thailand to continue their studies and work or to be happily with their family. Lately, there also is a new Special Tourist Visa (STV) which can be requested for long stay. 

        But have you heard? Some people found it very complicated to enter Thailand, especially those with non-Thai nationalities, as there are numerous steps and required documents. Some even said “I have no idea where to start.” If you are having the same obstacles and are reading this, you should be worried no more. Things are supposed to be solved here. Check out these 5 steps to get in Thailand, and get ready!

1. Check Your Right

check your right

        First, you have to know what type of visa you are holding, education? working? marriage? retirement? etc. These types of visa may permit you to come to Thailand, as now the tourism economy is still paused and it has not yet formally welcomed tourist visa holders. Thai government has released official announcements of groups of people that can visit Thailand.   

        Luckily, now there is new type of visa allowed, Special Tourist Visa (STV). Even if it comes with conditions but lightens up chances to visit Thailand, this is fair enough for foreigners to seek it. 

        However, if you possess Thai nationality, of course it would be fewer steps, and Thai government also fosters the people. 

  Follow this link to check more information https://www.caat.or.th/en/archives/51895

2. Time for Purchase

time for purchase

        Everything has its price. Next, itemize what you will have to spend money on, above all to enter Thailand. Somehow you should manage your plans very well, as this step may cost a lot. I would suggest calling the Thai embassy in your country, if the line is not too busy though, to check thoroughly what documents they require. By the way, this is a must-buy list for basis.

  • $100,000 insurance (For foreigners)

           The entry requirement of the consulate notifies that foreigners must hold health insurance that meets the minimum $100,000 coverage which includes COVID-19 treatment and covers their whole staying period in Thailand. The insurance must be provided by reliable Thai insurance companies according to guidance from the consulate itself.

  • Flight tickets

            Book your flight to Thailand; you can be landing to Bangkok as well as Phuket. There are commercial flights available presently: Thai Airways International, Emirates, EVA Air, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines. There have been some cases that travelers have to cancel or postpone the flights, so check carefully if you are allowed to fly on the date.

  • ASQ 

           Alternative State Quarantine or as known as ASQ, contains choices of hotels in Bangkok, Phuket, Chonburi, and Buriram where you will be quarantined for 14 days. ASQ is not only for non-Thais but also for Thais, and absolutely the expenses are on your own. All accommodations are certified by Thai government.

Check it out: https://bit.ly/2FObPrZ

            In case of STV request, you will have to present a fully-paid apartment where you will be staying in Thailand, and the contract must cover the total period of your stay.

3. Request COE

request COE

           Don’t get confused, as there are over 10 meanings for COE, Centre of Excellence? Certificate of Existence? Certificate of Eligibility? No! “COE” here is mentioning to “Certificate of Entry” which is issued by Thai Embassy once you have passed the regulations to enter Thailand. 

           To request COE, gather all documents you have and send a request email to the office. Please note that it takes around 7-14 days to proceed, so plan carefully. You will get response from them, and then it’s time to visit the Thai Embassy in your area to collect your COE. The date certified on COE must be relevant to the flight date. You will need a new updated COE in case the flight is brought forward or postponed.

4. Free Your Idea Space

free your idea space

           I bet you will find new experience of staying in a hotel, because it is quarantine! Imagine 14 days being locked up and limited lifestyle. Would it eventually lead to stress, familiarity, or excitement? Well, I have heard that it’s not as terrible as it seems but is quite comfortable instead. You will be surrounded by nurses, hotel staff, and your roommate (Of course, these are only people you can say hi to daily).   

           But what if you can do something fun during the quarantine? Get ready now. Let’s clear your head and shape space for creativity. Your friends and social media world are useful sources where you will discover some concepts. Otherwise, I have ideas for you. 

  • Watching series? 

           Pick your favorite genre of series, then search for them in foreign languages. You may find them more interesting and also can practice your listening and language skills.

  • Working out and yoga? 

           These are not for only women but also men! These definitely help to remain calm and avoid muddle from staying in limited space. Having no time for exercise can never be an excuse anymore. All you need are a yoga mat, YouTube and full intention!

  • Art works?

           Art lends itself to physical and mental development. Art works are not just painting and drawing. Start doing photography or crochet, who knows, you might become a famous amateur artist after the quarantine. Possibly, you may find yourself being a kid again with play dough.

5. Get Medical Proof

get medical proof

           When you have your flight date fixed, and then prepare yourself for doctor checkup. There will be 2 medical references needed at a check-in counter at the airport.

  1.  A Medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected, using RT-PCR test, issued no more than 72 hours before departure
  2.  A ‘Fit to Fly Health Certificate’ issued no more than 72 hours before departure

           For your own sake, the last 72 hours before flying, you should never go somewhere else but a hospital. Keep yourself fit and healthy, and Thailand will gladly embrace you

For more information please see https://movetravelthailand.com/move/what-asq-stands-for/

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